My Plan


“Eagle Mountain is a great place for families, I want to keep it that way.”

  • Cultivate Economic Diversity
  • Responsibly Manage Growth
  • Improve Parks and Protect Open Spaces
  • Strive for Limited Government and Privatization of Services
  • Protect Property Values and Low Tax Rate
  1. CULTIVATE ECONOMIC DIVERSITY: As part of our Technology and Industrial Zone program we will target clean and job producing companies that fit well into our community. This unique program will help establish us at the top of the list of desirable cities within the state for the types of companies we want to attract.
  2. RESPONSIBLY MANAGE GROWTH: (TRANSPORTATION) I want to maintain our transportation system to keep up with the demands of a young and active community. To do so, we will strive for a 5 year road maintenance cycle. We plan to widen Pony Express, build High School Road and Airport Road, and install traffic lights at Porters Crossing and Silver Lake. (RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT) As part of my Responsible Development Initiative we will require best practice standards of developers in planning communities and in construction methods that do not scar the scenery, harm property, create undisclosed conditions, or irreversibly impact our quality of life in a negative manner.
  3. IMPROVE PARKS AND PROTECT OPEN SPACES: We love our scenic views, our trails, and the open feel of Eagle Mountain. As part of my Responsible Development Initiative we plan to preserve our ridgelines by preventing development on hilltops. We will build Cory Wride Park as an all-abilities park for the whole family and seek creative solutions to improve our neighborhood parks and paseos.
  4. STRIVE FOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATIZATION OF SERVICES: I have written a book on the Constitution and taken an oath to defend that sacred document. I will strive to not seek power but to limit it and keep our city government from being overbearing but active enough to protect individual rights. Over the last four years we have had great success in our movement to privatization of services. We will continue to seek creative and cost effective ways to serve the people of Eagle Mountain.
  5. PROTECT PROPERTY VALUES AND LOW TAX RATE: Protecting property values is part of government’s role in protecting property rights. We can do this by protecting and preserving all that makes Eagle Mountain beautiful and unique. With a commitment to sound fiscal policy and wise investments in the community, we can protect property values and keep taxes low at the same time.