Four years ago I promised that I would dedicate my time to the service of our community and do everything in my power to see that the city ran more like a business. This has been accomplished through privatizing city services, adhering to sound fiscal policy, and applying conservative principles. The following is a list of things I have done to keep that promise.

  • EVENTS SAVINGS: Before I was elected to city council, Pony Express events cost the city $250,000. Within the first year I helped reduce costs by almost 90%.
  • UTILITY SALE: In the first quarter of 2015 we aggressively negotiated the sale of our natural gas and electric power utilities for over $34 million.
  • DEBT REDUCTION: We have reduced city debt by $26 million.
  • SOUND FISCAL POLICY: The city is in the best financial health in its history. Home values are up and the property tax rate has been lowered again.
  • WATER TANK BREAK-IN: In September of 2014 I discovered that a city water tank had been broken into and that our water may have been contaminated. While the water was being tested I pushed for a warning notification to go out to residents. Additional security measures have been taken to protect our water supply.
  • WATER WELL GENERATORS: It is important to me that our city is prepared for emergencies. As I analyzed our vulnerabilities I could see that our entire water delivery system is reliant on electric pumps. If we lost power during a fire, earthquake, severe storm, or power grid failure the city could not supply water to homes, businesses, or the fire department. Though such incidents are rare, a single occurrence could cause suffering. For this reason, I convinced the city to purchase generators to power our water pumps in the event of an emergency. The generators were installed and tested earlier this year.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: I led an initiative establishing a Technology and Industrial Zone to attract clean, job creating companies to Eagle Mountain.
  • PRISON RELOCATION: We firmly opposed the relocation of the state prison to Eagle Mountain and won that fight.
  • PRESERVING OPEN SPACE: I have sponsored a Ridgeline Ordinance that prevents construction on our hilltops.
  • CORY WRIDE MEMORIAL PARK: I have fought for the completion of Cory Wride Memorial Park, which will be a beautiful addition to our city and offer recreation options for everyone. The best part is we will pay for it with cash reserves.

Accomplishments like these can’t be done alone. It takes sound reason and leadership to build consensus sufficient to move a project forward. Tom has worked to build trust with city staff and city council members to bring about these successes.