Why Tom?


MOST QUALIIFIED: Tom has over 30 years experience in business development, marketing, and management. He has successfully negotiated contracts with some of the toughest businessmen Las Vegas has to offer. He helped bring the public lands debate to the forefront of state and national discussion.

MOST ACCOMPLISHED: Over the last four years Tom has done more for this city than any other mayoral candidate. (See list of accomplishments.) He has owned and managed multi-million dollar companies. He has enjoyed a history of serving in his church including a proselyting mission. He is a father to 9 children and a loving and dedicated husband to his wife, Rebekah.

MOST STUDIED IN CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES: Tom has written a book on the constitution and lectures on constitution history. He is also an avid reader of books on history, religion, leadership, business, and political thought.

MOST CONSERVATIVE: Tom has a four-year voting record supporting sound fiscal policy, privatization of city services, and small limited government. He is a Life Member of the NRA. His role models include Ronald Reagan, George Washington, and Jesus Christ.

MOST REASONABLE: Tom is not driven by agenda, personal ambition, or quest for power but the desire to serve and reason-out the best course for our community. The best way a mayor can lead is to communicate and reason with those whom he serves.